How to Take a Good Instagram Picture: Tips, Tricks & Techniques

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If you want your Instagram profile to stand out, you need to take good pictures. With over one billion active users, the competition is fierce, and only the best content gets noticed. But what makes a good Instagram picture? In this article, we will explore the key elements that make an Instagram picture stand out, and give you tips and tricks on how to take great photos using just your smartphone. From lighting to composition, we’ve got you covered.

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  1. Understand the basics of photography. A good Instagram picture starts with the basics, such as lighting, composition, and exposure. If you are new to photography, take the time to learn these concepts, and practice using your smartphone camera.
  2. Use natural light whenever possible. Avoid using the flash on your phone as it often ruins the quality of the image. Instead, try to use natural light as much as possible. Take advantage of the golden hour, which is the hour just after sunrise or just before sunset when the light is soft and warm.
  3. Make use of the rule of thirds. The rule of thirds is a compositional principle that suggests dividing your image into thirds, both horizontally and vertically. This creates points of interest at the intersecting lines, which makes the image more visually appealing.
  4. Experiment with angles and perspectives. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your angles and perspectives. Try shooting from different heights, or even lying on the ground to get a unique perspective.
  5. Edit your photos. Editing can make a huge difference in the final result of your image. Don’t overdo it, but make use of basic editing tools to improve the quality of your photo. Crop, straighten, adjust the brightness and contrast if necessary.
  6. Be consistent in your style. It’s important to develop a consistent style for your photos. This will help people recognize your brand or profile, and make your images more memorable.
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Pernakah yang membuat gambar Instagram berkualitas?

So, what makes a good Instagram picture? Let’s break it down into the key elements:


One of the most critical elements of a quality image is lighting. Whether it’s natural or artificial, lighting sets the tone and mood of your picture. Natural light is generally ideal for images, particularly during the golden hour. But, if you’re taking photos indoors, try to find a space with plenty of natural light, such as close to a window.
In contrast, artificial light from overhead lamps or fluorescent bulbs can make an image look dull and unflattering. You can experiment with ambient lighting by varying the temperature (warm and cool) and brightness levels to make your images more visually appealing.


A photo’s composition refers to the placement of elements within the frame of the picture. The rule of thirds is an excellent base for composition, as it suggests dividing your image into thirds and placing your subject at one of the intersecting points. This creates a balanced, visually appealing photo. You can also experiment with other techniques, such as symmetry or leading lines.


Exposure is the amount of light measured by your phone camera used to capture an image. A well-exposed image is essential to creating a clear, detailed image. You should aim for a good balance between light and dark areas; too much light can result in overexposure, while too little light is underexposure.

Edit your photos

Editing your images can transform an average photo into something that stands out on Instagram. While Instagram offers its editing tools, it’s always a good idea to edit your photo before posting it. Crop, straighten out horizons, and adjust the contrast, brightness, and saturation levels to make your image more beautiful.

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Tips for Taking a Great Instagram Picture

Now that we’ve covered the primary elements of what makes a good Instagram picture, let’s move on to some practical tips for taking great pictures.

Use the grid function

Most smartphone cameras have a feature that displays a grid on the screen. This feature is handy for framing your shots and following the rule of thirds principles. When composing your image, try to place the points of interest at the intersecting points.

Don’t zoom in too far

While smartphone lenses have improved over the years, the zoom feature still has its limitations. Instead of using the zoom feature, try moving closer to your subject or cropping your image in post-process.

Get creative with angles

One of the easiest ways to create a unique and eye-catching image is to experiment with angles. Don’t be afraid to get down low or shoot from above to add drama to your shots.

Tell a Story

A powerful image can tell a story without words. Think about what you want to convey with your image and use it to create a unique and engaging story.

FAQ (Pertanyaan yang Sering Ditanyakan)

Q. Do I need a professional camera to take good Instagram pictures?

A. No, you don’t need a professional camera to take good Instagram pictures. Smartphone cameras have come a long way, and with the right lighting, composition, and editing, you can create stunning images with just your phone.

Q. What editing apps are best for Instagram photos?

A. There are many popular editing apps available, including VSCO, Lightroom, and Snapseed. All of these apps offer basic editing tools and filters that can help you take your photos to the next level.

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Q. What are the best times to post on Instagram?

A. The best times to post will depend on your target audience’s habits and preferences. However, studies have shown that posting in the early morning (between 6-8 am) or the early evening (between 5-7 pm) tends to generate more engagement.

Q. How often should I post on Instagram?

A. There’s no hard and fast rule on how often you should post. However, it is essential to stay consistent and create quality content. Posting once or twice a day is a good starting point, but you may need to adjust your frequency based on your audience’s preferences.

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